Please post soon :(

I’m gonna be putting up a new story soon, I promise! I just want to get it done with! <3

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Where are you? When are you gonna keep writing?

I’m sorry! :x I’m back and I’m about to start again.

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Posting soon?

Yeah, I’m trying. I’m sorry. 

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i think you should write like a really dramatic story, tbh i find those really interesting than something mushy hahaha. glad you're back :)

Most of my stories turn out dramatic but definitely it’ll always be mushy, Cody seems like a mushy person. Aha and yeah me too! I’m really trying to write like ‘normal’ writers instead of like my normal writing, I have a ton of problems with it.

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Hey guys! Bit of an update.

I started working on a story as some of you and my family said to get a book published. Everything was going good and I was working on the Cody story that I was posting three months ago and I was really proud of them both until my computer crashed. Everything from them got erased and I lost it all.

Best Buy tried to get the files back but could only pull some. Unfortunately I’ve lost some stories and I’ve been really upset over it. Then I decided to stop writing because I didn’t think many people were actually reading them anymore because of all the new writers but I really miss writing so I’m gonna start it up anyways. It’s my guilty pleasure.

And if you are still with me, let me know what kind you want. I was thinking about a story about a summer fling in the Bahamas. Would you guys be interested or would you like something else? So sorry for keeping you all waiting! Please tell me what you want to read! 

Maddie. :)

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What would you guys think if I maybe wrote some type of book and tried to get it published? Everyone has been telling me for the past year or two to do it and my mom said that I should. Inbox me thoughts!
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Fall: Part 20: Guard Up.


“Well I mean, you were acting like a whore, he had every right to smack you. I don’t think he meant it in the way you’re making it out to be.” Kylie said, taking Cody’s side.

I just held both of my lips inside of my mouth and gave her a look. She gave me a sheepish look in return. “No, Kylie, go on. Tell me more.” I said, still giving her a pissed off reaction.

“No…no, I think I’m okay…” Kylie said awkwardly, looking away.

“Well?” I asked her.

She looked at me lost, “What.”

“Are you gonna help me find something to wear?” I started to grin.

“You’re just doing it because he’s hot.” Kylie said. 

“Not true!” I laughed. “He deserves another chance. He really wants one.” 

“Okay, how come when I say this I get dirty looks?” Kylie asked.

“Because you do.” I said and dragged her out of the food court and upstairs to look for an outfit.

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maddie. hi my name is sarah. your sc biffle. right now im listening to a song and i was just like oh hey it said the word fall. then i was like OMG MADDIES STORY. so i came to see if you put up chapter 19(i think its 19) yet and i was like damn it maddie. so this is me requesting. PUT THE STORY UP OMGGGGG. ilyyyyyyy

<3 sarah. stop harassing me on twitter k

and it’s up

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Fall: Part 19: Carwell’s Movies

“What’re you gonna do?” I asked. “Hit me?” I questioned again.

“I still love you.” Cody stared into my eyes. “Even though you lied straight to my face.”

“Cody, we can’t be together, you don’t love me.” I shook my head, looking away from his gaze and pushed him off of me.

“Do you want me to prove my love?” Cody asked, grabbing my arms again. “That I can make our love worth while?”

I opened my mouth to answer but he was already gone and grabbed a bullhorn, running to the nearest table in the cafeteria and jumped on top of it with it.

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2x request!


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requesting 2x nigga

oh. hahah


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Request! <3


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OMG OMG OMG ITS AMAZING!!!!♥♥♥♥ SERIOUSLY!! Im in love with your fanfic!!♥ IM SO GONNA REQUEST BIG TIME! Can I do a double request 2x? haha ♥ Sorry Im like this, its just Im so excited and you just keep making this more and more exciting and I just..I cant even explain it :-) haha lol Im sounding crazy!♥ Well I love your writing! xx

hahahah thank you so much and yes. you can do a double request. <3 hahah love you. 5

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exub-rant said:

OMGGG that was so goood! Cant wait for chapter 19!

thank you!

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